Joseph E. Smith


Joseph E. Smith became a member of WebMD's Board of Directors in October 2009, upon completion of our merger with HLTH Corporation, our former parent company. Mr. Smith was a member of HLTH's Board of Directors from September 2000 until the HLTH Merger. Mr. Smith served in various positions with Warner-Lambert Company, a pharmaceutical company, from March 1989 to September 1997, the last of which was Corporate Executive Vice President and a member of the Office of the Chairman and the firm's Management Committee. Mr. Smith was a member of the board of directors of Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of generic and branded pharmaceuticals, for more than five years prior to its acquisition by affiliates of TPG in 2012. Mr. Smith is a member of the board of directors of NovaMedica, a privately held pharmaceutical company.
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